Baby on the way!!

Un-real shoot  with my partner in crime in 5 degree weather!!!!  Yes, you heard me right, 5 degree weather.  Our feet were numb and red by the very end, but well worth it.  I just adore this shoot that started with her gorg family and ended with her and I up Buffalo Pass trekking through some serious powder.  Well worth it I would say!

Happy Birthday Sweet Audrey!

For over a year, my bible study, me, Josh, friends, family have all prayed for a buddy for Kayla (my oldest).  Kayla is super sweet and kind and artistic and not into cliques.  She never really found her person until recently.  Not to put the pressure on Audrey, but she is perfect for Kayla.  She is kind, artistic, sweet and just instantly Kayla's bff.  She just moved here 2 months ago and we could not be more thrilled for a new friend for Kayla.  Thankful for her.  Audrey celebrated her 9th birthday last week and I got to sneak over and do a mini-shoot for her.  Kind of my dream client :) hahahaha.


This was a fun shoot for me.  I have been wanting to photograph Mitch for about a year.  I had a specific location in mind and with all the snow...I was thinking I would have to wait even longer for it to melt and dry up.  Instead, I found this space that allowed for beautiful light...kind of a darker shoot for me, but I LOVE playing with light.  Mitch was perfect for this shoot.

Senior Photos!!! Jackie

I had the privilege to photograph the lovely Jackie a few weeks ago.  It was cold, but we had the best sunset and awesome willingness to sit in a chair in the freeeeezing a sleeveless dress :)  Oh, it was fun!  Jackie is a 2016 high school senior and I couldn't be more excited for her graduating and pursuing a college degree.  She's smart...I mean really smart and we just had the best time :) Thanks Jackie for having me photograph your senior pics!!

This last photo was totally for fun.  She is a singer and brought along some sheet music.....Just for fun :)

Good Friends, Good Tea!

I had the chance to catch up with some good friends recently over tea and scones.  I was so grateful to have been able to document the real-life theatrical faces that we have....well, Ashley had them this day, but usually the dramatic faces are mine.  Krysta treated us to a dramatic reading and I got to photograph baby Ellie!!!  She is so much fun to photograph because you don't always know what you are going to get.  It was a lovely morning in Krysta's new kitchen....grateful for good friends. :)

My little eskimo

I had about 3 minutes to capture Kayla's photo before Tae Kwon Do.  She was super excited because there was a time when she would say as a kiddo "MOM, another photo??"  So, I have had to sneak photos of her here and there for the last few years.  This time, she was all about it.  YES! I was so excited because she looked to fabulous in her coat with her fur hat that it took everything in me to get to our destination without pulling the car over at random corners.  This peanut is almost 10.....10!!!  Holy smokes!  I just can't believe it!  I'm grateful for her spirit, her love for others and her compassionate heart.  Cheers to my little eskimo!

"Can I swing by for 1 shot?"

This is what I said to Hilary last week, "Can I swing by for 1 shot?".  I had an idea of double exposure.  Anyone know what that is?  In the film days you took one image and put it on top of another to create this cool effect, double exposure.  I have always been intrigued by this style and tried to figure it out with just my digital camera.  I have done this before in Photoshop, but never within my camera.  Most DSLR's these days have this capability in the menu settings.  On the Nikon this can be found by pushing Menu, then click on the camera icon and then it's at the bottom (Multiple exposure).  Anywho, I called Hil and said, lets play.  It was super short notice, but I showed up and she looked like she was about to step out to NYFW.  Sheesh!  Lucky for was time to play!

Playing in the snow with Danielle!

I got to play in the snow with my two friends Danielle and Susie on Tuesday.  It was a fun time of climbing a mountain to get to our desired location.  Not only did we hike in 17 degree weather, but it was all single track.  Not the easiest of locations to get to, but worth every step.  When everyone tells you it's the "slow" time for photographers, take the reins and get to step'n.  Danielle was a dream to photograph and my new friend Susie was awesome to work along side.  What shall my next shoot be?........

Amber is engaged!!

My cousin Amber is engaged!!!  This comes as super exciting news to our family and I had the chance to spend a few hours with her and her new fiance recently in Pasadena, galavanting around downtown.  It was a super special time not only to meet Steve but to hang with a cousin I don't get to see very often.  To say we had a blast is an understatement....we had the BEST time.  They were on a time crunch...I didn't know with the guidance of another cousin, we were able to pull it together and find some cool spots.  Of course my nose took us to the Jcrew store surprise there.  The Pasadena city hall was spectacular and alley ways were abundant.  Congratulations Amber and Steve!!!  More photos on SEEDHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY

Post California blues

Ok, Ya'll......I am suffering from Post CA blues..  You ever heard of it?  It's a serious condition where you experience 70 degree weather in the middle of winter, get used to it and then drive home and watch the thermostat in your car go from 65 to -9.  It is DISASTEROUS!!! Ok ok...maybe I am being a little dramatic, but can I just say that visiting CA in the winter is dangerous.  Don't do it unless you truly must.  We drove the 15 hours to get to my sister and bro in laws house to spend 2 glorious weeks celebrating family, a new baby arrival (not ME), and just have plain old fun in the sun.  What we got were great memories and good times had by all.  First up...a shoot that my sister and law did for these crazy, un-photogenic people...seriously, where did she find these two.