Post California blues

Ok, Ya'll......I am suffering from Post CA blues..  You ever heard of it?  It's a serious condition where you experience 70 degree weather in the middle of winter, get used to it and then drive home and watch the thermostat in your car go from 65 to -9.  It is DISASTEROUS!!! Ok ok...maybe I am being a little dramatic, but can I just say that visiting CA in the winter is dangerous.  Don't do it unless you truly must.  We drove the 15 hours to get to my sister and bro in laws house to spend 2 glorious weeks celebrating family, a new baby arrival (not ME), and just have plain old fun in the sun.  What we got were great memories and good times had by all.  First up...a shoot that my sister and law did for these crazy, un-photogenic people...seriously, where did she find these two.