Spring Break 2018! Part 1. Seattle is the city for adventure!

Before we went on spring break, we had a seriously LONG layover in Seattle.  Fortunately, we have friends there and we love exploring new cities...so we got a car at 8 a.m. and met up with some great fiends just outside the city.  It was awesome to see these friends as we haven't seen them in 10 years.  We shared many years together in  ministry overseas and to reconnect with them and another couple we were there with, was truly awesome.   Check out the first installment of Spring Break 2018

Closing down the year in style

Closing down the year with some stunning shoots.  Great families.  I'll do a recap next week of 2017 but woah....busy year and grateful beyond words.  Be looking for that recap because you might recognize everyone ;) hahahaha.   For now...the MacGrays.

Family of 8 please?

An Awesome shoot with an amazing family is up!  The CA sun is far different from CO sun...it's lower...right?  I think that's right.  Anyway, this family is super fun and I just loved photographing them.  Take a look!


This was a fun shoot for me.  I have been wanting to photograph Mitch for about a year.  I had a specific location in mind and with all the snow...I was thinking I would have to wait even longer for it to melt and dry up.  Instead, I found this space that allowed for beautiful light...kind of a darker shoot for me, but I LOVE playing with light.  Mitch was perfect for this shoot.

Senior Photos!!! Jackie

I had the privilege to photograph the lovely Jackie a few weeks ago.  It was cold, but we had the best sunset and awesome willingness to sit in a chair in the freeeeezing cold....in a sleeveless dress :)  Oh, it was fun!  Jackie is a 2016 high school senior and I couldn't be more excited for her graduating and pursuing a college degree.  She's smart...I mean really smart and we just had the best time :) Thanks Jackie for having me photograph your senior pics!!

This last photo was totally for fun.  She is a singer and brought along some sheet music.....Just for fun :)

"Can I swing by for 1 shot?"

This is what I said to Hilary last week, "Can I swing by for 1 shot?".  I had an idea of double exposure.  Anyone know what that is?  In the film days you took one image and put it on top of another to create this cool effect, double exposure.  I have always been intrigued by this style and tried to figure it out with just my digital camera.  I have done this before in Photoshop, but never within my camera.  Most DSLR's these days have this capability in the menu settings.  On the Nikon this can be found by pushing Menu, then click on the camera icon and then it's at the bottom (Multiple exposure).  Anywho, I called Hil and said, lets play.  It was super short notice, but I showed up and she looked like she was about to step out to NYFW.  Sheesh!  Lucky for me....it was time to play!

Amber is engaged!!

My cousin Amber is engaged!!!  This comes as super exciting news to our family and I had the chance to spend a few hours with her and her new fiance recently in Pasadena, galavanting around downtown.  It was a super special time not only to meet Steve but to hang with a cousin I don't get to see very often.  To say we had a blast is an understatement....we had the BEST time.  They were on a time crunch...I didn't know Pasadena....so with the guidance of another cousin, we were able to pull it together and find some cool spots.  Of course my nose took us to the Jcrew store front...no surprise there.  The Pasadena city hall was spectacular and alley ways were abundant.  Congratulations Amber and Steve!!!  More photos on SEEDHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY