Baby on the way!!

Un-real shoot  with my partner in crime in 5 degree weather!!!!  Yes, you heard me right, 5 degree weather.  Our feet were numb and red by the very end, but well worth it.  I just adore this shoot that started with her gorg family and ended with her and I up Buffalo Pass trekking through some serious powder.  Well worth it I would say!

Oh, Hi there blog........

I canNOT believe I haven't written on my blog since APRIL!!! Woah!!!  Insane!  It has been a SUPER busy summer that I simply haven't had time :(  Well self.....time to catch up.   I think to make this easy for me and you I'll highlight some of my favorites for the month of June here...then so on and so on.  So first up....GIRLS TRIP GETAWAY/BABY SHOWER!!!  I was asked by a good friend to come over and photograph her beautiful friends eating, opening baby gifts, and fire pitting it up.  Um...yes...yes I can do that for you. WHAATT??  So much FUN!  Check it out!