Happy Valentines Day

Yes, yes...everyone says their kids are the best, so why can't I?  This is my blog and I say that I can :).  I think they are the best.  Sure they fuss....and whine.....quarrel with one another....and occasionally lightly tap (bruise) each other.  Who's kids don't I ask.  But they are a whole lot of other stuff.  They are kind, compassionate, giving, creative, thinkers, joyful..yada yada yada.  This is why impromptu photoshoots are necessary.  To document their fashion at the time (anyone who can pull off stripes and leopard at the same time is ok in my book)...hair length...character that shows through the photo...and the way they beam love.  Grateful for my kids in a BIG way!  Happy Valentines day ya'll!