A little jaunt to Salzburg

Ah...we have made it to Salzburg Austria and the Neuschwanstein Castle.  The Neuschwanstein Castle is the Disney castle....or what they modeled it after I guess.  It was incredible.  HUGE!  It just amazes me that people used to live in these monstrosity's.  They are Ginormous and amazing and full of such history!  We went there for only a few hours and then left to travel to ....THE HILLS ARE ALIVE....WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC...AAAAHHHHHH.  Let me tell you..they were certainly alive.  Such beauty and old world style up in here.  We arrived late at night (11 pm) in a dark alley where...I'm not lying...a ROUS (rodent of unusual size) ran across the parking lot with it's tail whipping behind him.  It was...crazy disgusting.  We got inside FAST.  Upon arriving at our late arrival/early checkout hotel room we discovered that our bed...KING size bed...was in the shape of a BMW sports car.  An adult sized kids bed.  We just laughed and laughed until it sunk in how ridiculous this was.  Early morning rise to walk the streets of Salzburg on a Sunday morning.  The church bells were chiming and we went to the St. Peters Cathedral service because...that just seemed to be what everyone was doing.  I am not even close to exaggerating on how amazing this was.  We walked in and a service was about to begin.  In this amazingly HUGE cathedral there was a choir singing...I swear it sounded like angels.  I looked at Josh and we were so in awe of how beautifully reverent the entire service was.   Just amazed. The architecture was incredible...such an incredible experience.  I can't wait to take the kids someday. Next on our travels....Hallstatt Austria!