Before and Afters

When I first started photography, I used to say "your photos is only as good as your editing software".  Do I still believe this? some extent yes...a good edit can take a photo from great to extravagant, but most importantly I have studied HOW to get that straight out of camera photo to be just perfect, so I don't need to do much to it.  For the last year I have been working on an edit that is colorful yet holds onto that film style that we all love and remember.  It's familiar and nostalgic to my every sense.  I remember the cube flash film camera my parents had and how the images were grainy...full of shadows and fav.  I have tweaked this edit so many times, but am happy with the result.  When you ask a photographer to take your photo, know that there is much time and thought put into the shoot itself in seeing exactly what they want for you.  Then the editing....ahh the editing.  Sometimes my favorite part.  I see an image that I shot at the shoot and kick it up just  a smidgen...making the beautiful people shine.   

I get asked on almost a daily basis "What do your images look like SOOC (straight out of camera)....they look a little like the below.  Trying to get the best shot SOOC and then fine tuning.    The editing takes the most time, but the result is an extraordinary image for families to have for a lifetime!