Gabsy's "senior" photos

Gabrielle called me and said "I need some senior photos because my parents think I need some good photos at this age"...I was like..YES!  I totally agree!!!  I just love that her parents pushed her to do this because she looks amazing!  I just loved this shoot!  We went in the dead of winter down into the falls and shot next to a waterfall in the was cold.  TERRIBLY cold...and Gabsy wore this amazing dress and faced the elements....amazing.  I just loved this shoot.  Gabsy was so down to earth and super easy to talk to, making the shoot a ton of fun.  Here are a few of my favorites. :)

Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_04003
Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_03969
Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_03927
Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_03892
Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_03864
Gabsy's_18 Yr.old_Photos_03793