Camping for my birthday and many other musings

I turned 33 this year.....crazy!!!  I feel about 15, so....there you go. I got to go camping with some friends in the most gorgeous place.  A beautiful lake, good food, good friends....singing around the campfire (j/k...we would have scared the animals for sure).  Smores galore and was bomb.  Here is proof :)

 photo KEL_1963.jpg
 photo KEL_1955.jpg
 photo KEL_1960.jpg
 photo KEL_1945.jpg
 photo KEL_1951.jpg
 photo KEL_1930.jpg
 photo KEL_1928.jpg
 photo KEL_1901.jpg
 photo KEL_1831.jpg
 photo KEL_1909.jpg
 photo KEL_1837.jpg
 photo KEL_1844.jpg
 photo KEL_1833.jpg
 photo KEL_1827.jpg
 photo KEL_1810.jpg
 photo KEL_1826.jpg
 photo KEL_1809.jpg
 photo KEL_1647.jpg
 photo KEL_1823.jpg
 photo KEL_1641.jpg
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 photo KEL_1611.jpg
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 photo KEL_1619.jpg
 photo KEL_1563.jpg
 photo KEL_1605.jpg photo KEL_1584.jpg
 photo KEL_1569.jpg
 photo KEL_1600.jpg
 photo KEL_1588.jpg