Sand? or Jam hands?

I have always been a mom that wrestled with that question...sand or jam hands?  Because you can always wash off jam, but if you don't have a can't get it off totally.  The sand...that gets EVERYWHERE. Period.  But...sand could get on the hands with jam, see my conundrum?  Ugh!  

Anyway, nuff said about that...lets move onto the beach.  OH THE BEACH!!  I love the beach.  Always have.  I mean, I could sit on the beach for hours looking out at the water and NEVER get bored.  I can't even sit in my house without being on the phone talking to someone, music on and maybe even the fan on for white noise behind the noise.  But the beach, I could sit in front of that for countless hours and it would never get old.  These pics don't show, but the temps were in the 60's.....I was bundled in my jacket with a scarf.  Look at the kids!  They don't care if it's windy, chilly or the sun isn't out...they are get'n in.  These are my children.....LOVERS of the BEACH!!!!  If you don't find me...I'll be sitting on the beach...somewhere warm. :)