Kayla is 9!

My child who made me a mother is 9.  I canNOT believe it.  I remember holding her when she was just a week old in our tiny apartment in China.  Shooing away mosquitos from her every chance I got (obsessively so), singing to her, rocking her in my awesome rocking chair (thanks Shanghai ladies) and kissing her little feet.  Now, she is my mini-me.  She looks exactly as I did as a child.  Her personality is one I could never have guessed I would be blessed with.  She is kind, considerate, funny, loves to have fun (cautious fun), she follows the rules, cares for others in a way I don't even understand.  She senses when someone is hurt and lets them sit in it....no jokes, just...sits.  She loves her family deeply, but would throw a sibling under a bus in a heart beat to be heard.  She loves learning new things and has a heart for adventure.  She is lovely.  Thank you Jesus for my baby doll who has the most compassionate heart on the block.  She will move mountains.