Get to know

So, I'm a lifestyle photographer. I love capturing the family formals at weddings, headshots, family shoots, but the real meat for me is the candids....the real-life moments caught.  The stolen glances, the hugs held a little longer, kisses in the corner that should not have been seen and the soft touch of hands by two people who either just met or have been married for 80 years.  Those are the times that matter to me.  So I have started something called...Get to know...This is a project that allows you the readers to get to know the community.  Whether that community is Steamboat Springs or just the community of people I love and hang with .... so be it.  Either way, you will get to know someone new!  Enjoy

This is Brad Rasmussen.  You may know him as the worship leader at Anchorway Church on the west side of town, but did you know.....

Favorite thing: creating, building, making... Anything he can do with my hands that's creative.

Fun fact: He's taken the Myers-Briggs personality test at least 5 times and got a different personality every time... He's not so great at introspective questions! (his words, not mine)

Favorite Food: Donuts! Especially ones with filling of any kind.

Relive a day: He's not sure he would relive any days, just ready for the next one.

Super Power: either super strength or telekinesis. Super strength is awesome but to be able to move things with his mind and not have anyone be able to know it was him would be pretty freakin great.

**ladies, he's single too. whaaaat?